SRN Committee

SRN was originally established by 5 PhD students from different schools who wanted to create more opportunities for researchers in different fields working on sustainability to meet each other. See the SRN Committee Alumni page for more details.

The SRN Committee currently comprises:

Lia De Simonphoto-on-21-09-2016-at-17-33

PhD Sustainable Housing

Lia is a 3rd year PhD student working at the University of Nottingham in sustainable housing. Her research focuses on developing a new model to measure the thermal transmittance coefficient in domestic buildings. The project makes use of innovative mathematical and statistical tools to improve and accelerate the measuring process, making this measurement feasible on large scale and thus applicable to reduce the gap between the design stage (predicted) and post-construction (actual) energy performance of UK homes. Ultimately the aim is to have an impact on the current measurement standards and building regulations to ensure more effective building and retrofit interventions. Lia believes that interdisciplinary collaborations enrich and innovate practices in our own fields of work, and this is necessary to obtain outstanding research.

Chris Wiseallchrisw

EngD in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy

Chris is currently in the second year of his EngD researching phase behaviour of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) relevant gas mixtures, having previously gained a Masters in Chemistry. This is to help develop an improved model for the future roll out of a pipeline network able to transport CO2 away from the producer and stored underground.

Dr. Christopher Hillimage001

Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Christopher has worked in the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research group for 4 years. His specific focus is on More-Electric Aircraft and Ground Transportation Systems. The main aim of all my research is to reduce the environmental impact of transportation while also increasing passenger safety.

Hannah KedingIMG_8067_Ausschnitt.JPG

PhD student in LUCAS (Laboratory for Urban Complexity and Sustainability) and the Institute for Science and Society, School of Sociology and Social Policy

Hannah is a first year PhD student on the Leverhulme-funded project “Sustaining Urban Habitats: An Interdisciplinary Approach“. Her PhD research focuses on city stakeholders’ views of urban social sustainability and economic inequality in the two European case study cities Nottingham and Stuttgart. Holding a MA in Political and Administrative Science from the University of Konstanz, Hannah previously worked on a first report about poverty, wealth and social inequality in the Baden-Württemberg region (South Germany) at the State Statistical Office. Being comprehensively interested in sustainability, she would like to contribute to developing the social dimension of sustainability which has been neglected in research and policy.

Daniel Grossegger

PhD Student in Civil Engineering

Daniel is currently in the first year of his PhD looking at the potential of self healing bituminous materials for the development of self healing roads.

The Committee is responsible for maintaining SRN communications channels, organising events in cooperation with members of the network and fundraising. The Committee structure will be fluid due to each member being at a different stage of their research, and so recruiting new members will be an ongoing process.



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