SRN Committee Alumni

SRN Committee Alumni

The Sustainability Research Network was founded in May 2013 by five PhD students from five different departments at the University of Nottingham

These PhD students identified that sustainability research was going on in many different departments and institutes across The University of Nottingham’s three international campuses, yet researchers interested in sustainability might only meet at chance encounters. Sustainability is an interdisciplinary topic and these students believed that researchers would benefit hugely from sharing knowledge, even in seemingly distant research areas. From small ideas, SRN was born!

Founding Members

Dr. Georgie Wood

ESRC CASE PhD in water demand and educationGeorgie photo

Georgie is currently working as a Research Assistant in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University, on the EPSRC BuildTEDDI project Smarter Households. She was one of the founding members of SRN after realising that no forum existed at the University of Nottingham for PGRs and ECRs with an interest in sustainability to meet and exchange ideas.

Sarah Glozer

PhD student in the Internationsarahal Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

Sarah completed a PhD in sustainable consumption, corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications and social media utilising marketing and CSR theory. Sarah is now a Lecturer in Marketing with research interests in corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications and ethical consumer behaviour at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Eleanor Hadley Kershaweleanor

PhD student in the Institute for Science and Society, School of Sociology and Social Policy

Eleanor is part of the Leverhulme funded ‘Making Science Public’ programme; her research focusses on  transdisciplinarity and co-production in “Future Earth”, a new 10-year international research initiative on sustainability and global environmental change. Eleanor has previous experience setting up a network of Education for Sustainable Development partners at the United Nations University as well as working for the International Social Science Council.

Jenny Whitejenny

PhD student in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment

Having previously worked in both the public and private sector Jenny chose to pursue a PhD in Sustainable Housing. More specifically Jenny investigated the link between design stage (predicted) and post-construction (actual) energy efficiency in UK homes. Jenny also promoted the relationships between research, academia and the construction sector and her work impacted government policy regarding funding for energy improvement measures.

Orla Shortall

PhD Student, School of Biosciences

Hollie Johnson

School of English

Subsequent Members

Jeremy Risonjeremy

PhD student in the School of Geography

Jeremy’s research focus is on whether woodland management has intensified as well as how the logistics of the supply chain have changed for the British woodfuel market. This is important for a more sustainable future due to the long term doubts over fossil fuels as well as political uncertainty.

Wil Knightwil

PhD student in the Schools of Geography & Politics and the British Geological Survey

Wil’s research examines public engagement with UK shale gas development by re-considering the existing narratives within the literature in order to open up new ways of thinking about and practicing public engagement. Wil’s work was multi-disciplinary which follows from his beliefs that the most interesting work is often found at the boundaries of topic areas.

Gabriela Gutierrez Huerter’ogabriela

PhD student in the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Business School.

Gabriela is investigating how CSR reports from multinational corporations is shaped by the pressures from the headquarters and by the institutional environment. Having previously worked in the hospitality industry, Gabriela is interested in developing academic research that solves real issues that corporations face when they actually want to implement sustainability as part of their strategy.

Leslie Bode

PhD Student in School of Archaelogy



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