Energy Projects Service Programme in Nottingham – impacting on energy poverty & sustainability

Lunch Time Discussion – EU Sustainable Energy Week

20th June 2017 – 12:30 – 13:30

Room A100, Law and Social Sciences Building, University Park

Fuel poverty is a major concern for the future of society and the energy market. As new technologies are developed to meet ever more stringent emissions targets the price for the consumer is often not considered. For prices to be kept low so everyone can afford to keep the lights on or heat their homes, fossil fuels are often used.

Fossil fuels are considered the most polluting of energy sources but are also some of the cheapest due to their abundance, energy density and decades of research behind them. ‘Renewable’ options such as wind, solar and tidal are less polluting but have a much higher price for electricity.

Fuel poverty is defined as needing to spend over 10% of the household’s income on all fuel use and to heat their home to an adequate temperature. Over 12% of homes in Nottingham are considered to be in ‘fuel poverty’ which gives a dilemma for councils and local energy companies who are aiming to reduce their emissions. Nottingham has also shown the second highest rate of reduction in homes considered to be under ‘fuel poverty’.

Please bring your lunch along for a talk with Luke Jackson from Nottingham City Council where he will talk about all the projects they are running to address this issue. There will be a chance for an open discussion after the talk.

We hope to see you all there!


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