*NEXT EVENT* Reducing Energy Consumption


Interested in different routes and methods of reducing energy consumption?

Sustainability Research Network’s (SRN) 3rd  Themed Research and Interest Networking Event on Thursday 13th October at 5 p.m. Room B2 @ The Hemsley, University Park.

We are calling upon researchers with either a personal interest or research project in ‘reducing  energy consumption‘. For a sustainable world this is one of the crucial questions that needs to be addressed. As this can be a very broad topic, there are a variety of aspects that need to be understood. Whether you are interested in the technological advances that make devices more efficient or more interested in peoples behaviour regarding energy consumption. Or maybe you are interested in how political decisions can also affect both of these? We’d love for you to get involved!

We have collated a number of questions that help to summarise the topic which may spark your interest:

  • How much can technology improvements affect energy consumption?
  • How far does behaviour impact on energy savings?
  • How do political decisions shape the energy landscape?
  • Is the source more important than the consumption?

By bringing together a group of people from a variety of backgrounds to briefly discuss our interests we hope you will recognise the similarities between each other. In the past SRN has succesfully initiated a number of cross disciplinary research projects and hope for the same this time.

If you wish to come please email SRN@nottingham.ac.uk so we can gauge numbers (Feel free to come along even if you don’t email though!)


The SRN Committee





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