Celebrating 1 Year: Reflections from SRN’s 1st Alumna, Dr. Georgie Wood

DSC02374One year since its launch, I’m so pleased that SRN is going from strength to strength and celebrating its first anniversary. My experience in SRN undoubtedly helped me to secure my first postdoctoral position at Coventry University, which I started in February 2014 (3 days after handing in my thesis!). What’s interesting is that – while my PhD helps me to understand the theory and methods that I’m applying-  working as part of a multi-disciplinary team comes much more naturally to me after engaging with researchers from a whole range of subject areas through SRN. I’m working on a project with researchers from Architecture, Computer Science and Geography at three universities, along with external partners, to devise innovative solutions to issues of energy security and fuel poverty in the UK. The centrepiece will be a digital ‘serious game’ that helps people to engage in sustainable energy lifestyles, learning about their consumption and practices whilst hopefully being entertained too!

I cannot emphasise enough how useful getting experience in event planning and organisation, project management, and working with people from different disciplinary backgrounds has been for my job. I’m currently drafting journal articles and piloting techniques for participatory design with teenagers and adults, while testing computer games and also writing a script for a science in theatre show!

I’m still in touch with researchers I met through SRN. As everyone moves onwards into new positions and fresh challenges, I hope that you also find the connections you made through SRN useful. Good luck!

Dr. Georgina Wood is a Research Assistant in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University, on the EPSRC BuildTEDDI project Smarter Households. Now an SRN ‘alumna,’ Georgie played an instrumental role in establishing and launching SRN in 2013. 


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